The easiest way to create simple or not-so-simple automated follow ups based on client behavior, timing or interaction.

Easily communicate with your customers at every stage

Convert new customers

Upsell based on behavior

Engage loyal customers

Winback lost customers

Don't let things fall through the cracks

Other marketing automations don't give you enough control or are too complicated. BrandBot lets you create any type of follow up in just minutes.

Convert your new customers
with simple (or not!) automated follow-ups

Your new customers are the lifeblood to growth at your company. You need to be reaching out to them individually helping them reach their goals and take their next steps.

Smarter follow ups
Automate messages based on behavior such as new purchase, purchase and visit, or number of visits. You can also reach back out to contacts who did not convert.
Auto create phone call reminders
Although email is great, sometimes your sales process involves picking up the phone. Automatically create phone call reminders that are assigned to team members.
See how well you are converting
All auto-campaigns can have one or multiple goals. See how many clients converted to auto-pay or a class pack, no more exporting to understand your data!