Manage Your Organization with Data


Align Your Organization to Your Customer Success Strategy

Align Your Organization to Your Customer Success Strategy

Find everything you need to stay on top of client work and ensure you always have a complete 360° profile of your customers.

Review past and future meetings, action items, issues, account health, and more
Sync data to and from your CRM in real time
Quickly apply filters to segment your customer base

Align Your Team's Resources with High-Impact Activities that Drive Customer Success

Optimize the time you spend before, during, and after customer meetings. Quickly align around agendas, take notes, capture action items, share recaps, and much more.

Easy filter your calendar to only show what’s important
Search through past meeting notes, action-items, and documents
Automatically link meetings to customer accounts

Get a Complete Picture of Your Managed Account's Health

Collaborate around your client work and ensure the entire team is always on the same page. No more joining calls without context. No more forgetting next steps. No more dropping the ball on action items.

Align around goals and meeting agendas
Log and track issues, feature requests, and action items for every account